hello. we help fight Covid-19.

Covid-19 has changed our world .

Many of us have by now faced Covid-19 head-on or know of some one that has or had the virus.

There is currently no known cure for the virus and vaccines are still a way off from getting to the general public, but that doesn’t mean we can’t beat this virus. 

The biggest defence against the virus is washing our hands, and if you can’t wash your hands, use an alcohol (60-70%) based sanitiser.


Wear a mask – this prevents you from spreading any possible infection when you sneeze or cough but also helps those around you not inhale the virus.

Support your immune system – a healthy immune system means any viral infection’s duration could be shorter and the symptoms less severe. 

Our winning combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zink will help you stay healthy and stronger for longer. Vitamin C has shown some evidence in reducing lung inflammation in severe respiratory illnesses caused by viruses. 

Some essential oils – like Eucalyptus Oil – have also shown possible virus fighting properties.