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Skin Treat Ointment

Used for:
Fungal Infections 
Severe Psoriasis 

Willow Extract
Picis Carb (Coal Tar)
Petrolatum Base

A special blend of herbs blended in an air-sealing ointment base – the herbs attack the fungus whilst the occlusive layer deprives the fungus of Oxygen weakening it so that it will die off quickly. The rash and discoloured skin will return to normal.

Tip: Funguses are a family of germs that form dry, itchy rashes, often in circular form (ringworm) and require moisture and heat to thrive – they will be more active in the summer and in areas that sweat more – crotch, toes, etc. Also, funguses have a mycelium (root system) which may extend through many layers of skin. Any good anti-fungal treatment will eradicate the active fungus on top of the skin and the rash will disappear, but, if the patient stops treatment at this point, the rash will almost certainly return in time. For this reason, SKIN TREAT NF should be used continuously for 6 months to ensure complete eradication of fungus & mycelium.