Tailored Conditioner 250ml

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Our Tailored Conditioner Range brings together all the essential elements you need to ensure your hair looks its best. The conditioner base is light and nutrient-rich and is a wonderful base to start your hair conditioning journey.  You get to add the other essential oils, extracts or, natural butters required to make sure your hair receives the full attention it needs to look its healthy, shiny best.

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Haircare is as important as skincare and we take it for granted. Our hair isn’t all the same, just like our skin, so why do we treat it the same?

We all require different needs when it comes to hair care, so what if you could tailor your hair products to your specific needs? Now you can do just that.

How it works:

  1. Click through to our shop (You can click here)
  2. Select the options that apply to your hair and scalp requirements.
  3. Submit your answers.

Now the fun begins – our little worker bees receive your order and personally tailor the Shampoo and/or conditioner to your needs.

As an added bonus we print your name on the container. How cool is that!!

These are some of the options you can choose for your shampoo:
Straight Hair – Avocado Oil & Coconut oil
Wavy Hair – Argan Oil & Rice water extract
Curly Hair – Sheabutter & Sunflower Oil
Coyly Hair – Castor Oil & Chia Seed Oil
Fine Hair – Argan & Almond oil
Medium Hair – Jojoba oil
Coarse Hair – Coconut & Avocado oil
Deep Conditioning – Shea Butter & Aloe Vera
Split Ends – Coconut oil & Sweet Almond Oil
Hydration – Argan Oil & Sweet Almond Oil
Replenish – Rice Protein & Chestnut Oil
Strengthen – Horsetail & Evening Primrose Oil
Rejuvenate – Argan Oil & Baobab Oil
Color Protect – Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil
Lengthen – Liquid Protein & Aloe Vera
Thermal Protect – Linseed Oil & Grapeseed Oil
Volume – Sweet Almond Oil & Oat Protein
AntiFrizz – Squalene & Argan Oil
Curl definition – Glycerine & Linseed Oil
Nourish root – Castor Oil & Jojoba Oil
Shine – Argan Oil
Soothing scalp – Aloe Vera
Straighten – Sunflower Oil
Oil Control – Vitamin E
Psoriasis – Coal Tar & Avocado Oil

Note: Although the fragrances we use are not always natural, we do use safe synthetic alternatives for peace of mind.


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