Fatburner Slimming Gel


In the Fatburner Set you will receive:
Fatburner Slimming Capsules
Fatburner Smoothing Gel
Pamphlet with suggested food, meals, and information.

Reduces cellulite
Detoxing effect
Simple to use
Completely safe
You see the result fast!

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Fatburner Slimming Salts / Capsules
Sodium Sulphate (Glauber’s Salt) – Laxative & detox
Moringa – Lowers blood sugar, cholesterol & blood pressure. It also increases the mobilisation and use of body fat for energy.
Cinnamon extract – Reduces blood sugar and decreases bad cholesterol.
Sodium Metabisulphite – preservative.

Fatburner Smoothing Gel
Cinnamon Oil – Stimulates circulation.
Menthol Hexahydroxymol – Helps boost lipolysis and blood circulation.
Glycerine (Vegetable) – Moisturises and smoothes.
Cellulose – Thickener

This is not a diet! This is an eating plan designed to help you reduce those unwanted kilograms. Diets fail because people don’t stick to them – plain and simple. So how can you lose weight and maintain weight loss?

The simple answer is: Change your relationship with food. This shouldn’t be a diet, it should be the way you eat. To achieve your goals you have to change the way you eat for a little while. For the first 3 months you need to try and avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates, also food high in starches.

The Fatburner Slimming Capsules is a blend of natural tissue salts and moringa powder that naturally help you increase your metabolism, help curb food cravings and assists with detoxifying your body.

The Fatburner Smoothing Gel helps break down cellulite and smoothes out skin.

The pamphlet has all the information and tips you need to ensure that your eating plan is successful and you maintain the weight loss. Once you have obtained your goal weight you may continue to eat the foods you loved before – but balance it out with healthy foods i.e. Have the Hamburger, but instead of chips on the side opt for a salad.

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