hello. this is
Jed’s Cream

Used for:
Severe Eczema 
Skin Irritations
Allergic skin reactions
Increase Blood Circulation

Peppermint Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Colloidal Silver
Aragon Oil
Vitamins A & E.
Shea Butter
Vitamin E
Cocoa Butter

This cream was specially made for a 13-year-old boy, Jedial Chetty, who suffered from severe chronic PSORIASIS.

He was covered from head to toes with scaly itchy lesions and had not responded to the normal treatment.

We formulated this powerful treatment and the results were outstanding. The natural oils help heal, sooth and moisturise the skin. Jed’s Cream helps treat existing lesions on the skin and prevents new ones from forming.

Cracked, broken and raw skin heals up, and becomes soft and smooth with no more discomfort.