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Herbal Ice/Umanqoba is based on our original Herbal Balm formula, but the actives are not as high and water-based. Even though the formulation is not as strong, it still packs a punch and is suitable for all ages. You will still receive a benefit for approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Because this product is so versatile and works so well we believe every household should have this famous remedy on hand!

 Here are some of the reasons why:

Here are some of the reasons why:

Body Aches, Pains, Rheumatics, Arthritis, etc:
Simply massage well into the painful area you will immediately feel the hot/cold herbal action soothe away all pain.


Apply gently onto forehead & temples immediate relief is obtained.

Sport Injuries & Knocks:
Apply immediately to heal and relieve pain and if applied soon enough HERBAL BALM will prevent bruising, which no other product can.

Sinus & Congestion:
Put one teaspoonful of Herbal Balm into a pot containing approximately 1l of BOILING water and inhale vapours the healing vapours will immediately cut through the blockage and congestion and restore normal breathing and relieve any pain.

Tension Headache and Stiff Neck:

Simply massage Herbal balm across shoulders and into neck area for 10 to 15 minutes experience the relaxing herbal powers.

Spa Bath:
Add two teaspoonfuls of Herbal Balm to a hot bath after a hard day and just relax in the healing waters you will emerge revived and fresh again.

Colds & Flu:
Rub liberally onto your chest and enjoy a good nights sleep without nasal congestion and breathing problems.

Burning & Sore Feet:
Anyone who stands all day should start the day by massaging Herbal Balm into the soles of the feet the problem will just disappear!

Menthol Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Oil 
Eucalyptus Oil
Clove Oil
Terebinth Oil
Peppermint Oil
Betula Oil
CMC – Gelling agent