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the Fatburner Slimming Gel

Reduces cellulite
Detoxing effect
Simple to use
Completely safe
You see the result fast!

The Fatburner Smoothing Gel helps break down cellulite and smoothes out skin.

This is not a diet! This is an eating plan designed to help you reduce those unwanted kilograms. Diets fail because people don’t stick to them – plain and simple. So how can you lose weight and maintain weight loss? 

The simple answer is: Change your relationship with food. This shouldn’t be a diet, it should be the way you eat. To achieve your goals you have to change the way you eat for a little while. For the first 3 months you need to try and avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates, also food high in starches.

In the Fatburner Set you will receive:
Fatburner Slimming Capsules
Fatburner Smoothing Gel
Pamphlet with suggested food, meals, and information.

The Fatburner Slimming Capsules is a blend of natural tissue salts and moringa powder that naturally help you increase your metabolism, help curb food cravings and assists with detoxifying your body.

The pamphlet has all the information and tips you need to ensure that your eating plan is successful and you maintain the weight loss. Once you have obtained your goal weight you may continue to eat the foods you loved before – but balance it out with healthy foods i.e. Have the Hamburger, but instead of chips on the side opt for a salad. 

Fatburner Smoothing Gel
Cinnamon Oil – Stimulates circulation.
Menthol Hexahydroxymol – Helps boost lipolysis and blood circulation.
Glycerine (Vegetable) – Moisturises and smoothes.
Cellulose – Thickener

Most people who try to lose weight FAIL. How many folk do you know that have tried a diet and have managed to lose some kilos, only to crack and fall back on their old eating habits, and of course, the kilos accumulate and before long they are back to their original weight, exactly where they started – like a YO-YO up and down, over and over, the process repeats itself.

Metabolism & its function in losing weight.
Many believe that they have a METABOLIC problem, and I believe that they are quite right; but did you know that your metabolism will adjust to the TYPES of food that you eat? If you compare the diet of an average person today, with their counterpart of 100 years ago, you would find that we eat a far greater amount of REFINED STARCHES & SUGARS – if we do not burn them up with rigorous exercise, they become stored in our bodies as FAT – think of the cold drinks, sugar, cake chocolates, sweets, hamburgers, hot dogs, snacks etc, etc that are consumed as ‘ normal’ foods. These are all LOADED with starches and sugars – and a large proportion WILL BE turned into FAT. Look at the alarming rise in the incidence of HEART PROBLEMS & DIABETES all unwelcome by-products of carrying too much FAT.

Fat – The body’s energy storage system
Why and how does the body produce adipose tissue (fat)? Simply, it is potential energy – a sort of reserve/back up energy supply system. The starches and sugars that you ingest are converted into glucose – Which is the body’s fuel or energy source, and any excess which is not used as fuel is converted into fat, which can be re-converted back into glucose and energy when the need arises. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we knew how to tap into this energy source and increase our energy levels and at the same time lose those fatty deposits? Well, I have good News for you: it is possible to do just that!!

Food alternatives
You will find that you will have to curb that natural tendency to have cake or biscuits with your tea; instead of sugar, you can use sweeteners. When thirsty, cold drinks are out! Drink tea or natural spring water instead. Also, rice and potatoes are off the menu for the first 30 days, after which you can have a small portion. You may eat till you are full on soups (homemade with fresh vegetables plus chicken, lamb, beef, etc.) But no bread!
Take as big a portion of fish, steak, chicken, lamb or beef (you don’t even have to remove the fat), and a good helping of mixed vegetables which, if mixed with a scrambled egg, (like a vegetable omelette) is extremely tasty and nutritious and helps to take the place of potato or rice.

Controlling the urge
The Fat Burners mineral salts do have a natural tendency to reduce hunger; however, the point about the fat burners system is that you do not deprive yourself of food. There is no limit on the amount that you can eat – just on what you eat. At first, it may feel strange not to have a biscuit or slice of cake with your tea or coffee, and the meal may seem incomplete without rice or potato, but you can substitute with many other foods, equally tasty, to fill the void. And if you feel that you really need to have something with your tea, chew on some nuts or have Ryvita and cheese with your beverage. It is not so difficult, you just need to gird your mind so as not to weaken and cheat on the fat producing foods i.e. the refined starches sugars, etc. A frequent cup of tea is a good way to convince your body that it doesn’t need those unwanted sugars and starches. Make up your mind today – make a quality decision to give the Fat burners system a fair trial. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Mineral salts – the Fatburner catalyst
We have discovered that half a teaspoonful of our natural mineral salts, Taken morning, dissolved in hot water, will assist your body too safely and effectively switch your metabolism to the Fat burning mode. The message that your body receives while you take Fat Burners mineral powder is….. Emergency we need to use the fat deposits to create energy, and so the body starts to convert the fat deposits into glucose and Energy – natural, safe and without too much effort or will power.

Metabolic function & the Fatburner System
What does the word metabolism essentially mean? Simply put it is the way in which your body breaks down raw material to produce glucose, the body’s energy-producing fuel. Your metabolic mode is largely influenced by the foods that you ingest. These determine which mode the body will employ to break down the food for conversion into energy. Some modes are more efficient than others whilst some have a greater tendency to accumulate fat. This is why the fat burner’s diet system is so effective – it switches your body’s metabolism onto the most efficient Fat burning mode, which also happens to be the most efficient energy mode, and in the process, reduces blood triglycerides (fats) and cholesterol. It also reduces excess blood glucose, minimizing the risk of diabetes. In short – this is not only an excellent method of shedding excess fat but it also improves your health.

Side Effects
There are no adverse medical side effects with the fat burners system, but you may experience some tangible results of the metabolic switch – Firstly, you may feel a little more sensitive to the cold – just put on another jersey!! Also, your body is used to certain ‘titbits’ in the form of cakes, biscuits, potato crisps, cold drinks, rice, potatoes, etc. Although you may not actually be hungry, you will probably feel ‘deprived’ – this is the time to discipline your stomach (it can be rather like a naughty child, demanding its own way – the answer is a firm no!!)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Initial weight loss
It is a good idea to set your mind on a target weight loss … Perhaps 6 to 8 kilos for the first 30 days. This is critical and with the right motivation, the results are immediate and nothing short of amazing – around two kilos a week weight loss can be expected, without any ill effect.

Your Body will adapt quickly, and within the first few days, you will start to notice your tummy become flatter waistline diminishing, and because of the detoxing effect of the salts, niggling pains start to diminish, and you will feel lighter, fitter and more energetic. It is exactly because of the fast results, that you should make a strong effort to be as strict as you can about avoiding the starches and sugars for the first 30 days because thereafter, a small portion of rice, potatoes, etc. are permissible.
However – it is a good idea, and better for your health and weight, to stay off the ‘junk foods’ permanently.

Long term sustainability
Because you need never experience hunger whilst on the fat burners system, it is far more manageable and possible to retain weight loss.
You have to remember that eating the wrong foods was the prime cause of gathering those unwanted adipose bumps in the first place. It will require a lifelong commitment to eating healthier foods, in order to retain the benefits, but – the improved eating habits will probably give you another ten years of quality time in your golden years. So what have you got to lose? Only unwanted kilos of fat !!

Cellulose reducing gel
Our gel is a special massage formula is intended for use on those stubborn, cellulite deposits it draws blood to the area and so stimulates the body’s own fat and cellulite dispersion function. Simply massage well into those unwanted stubborn cellulite areas every morning and evening.