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CBD Baobab Day Cream

Baobab Day Cream is a light cream that can be enjoyed by all skin types. This unique blend of Oils, waxes and Essential oils will protect your skin from sun damage, keep your skin hydrated, moisturised and help fight off any skin concerns like acne. We have fortified our Baobab Day Cream with Zinc, a natural mineral that protects agains UVA & UVB rays. 

*CBD Oil
– Regulates skin oil production, reduces acne, anti-inflammatory, soothes sunburn, speeds up wound healing, assists with aches and pains.
Hyaluronic Acid – Maintains collagen, retains skin moisture, diminishes skin wrinkles, evens skin tone.
Pharmaceutical Grade Mineral Oil – Moisturizes.
Emulsifying Wax – Emulsifies all the actives, oils and water to create the cream.
Argon Oil – Moisturizes, tones skin, fights acne, prevents stretch marks, soothes Skin.
CMC (Gelling Agent) – Cellulose based gelling agent.
Vegetable Glycerine – Moisturizes, smoothing, Healing, creates a protective barrier.

Coconut Oil – Healing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, sun protector.
Shea Butter – Anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, UV protector, healing.
Cocoa Butter – Antioxidant, Softens, Soothes, Repairs Skin.
Beeswax – Creates a protective barrier
Moringa Oil (Ben Oil) – Softens, moisturizes, conditions, anti-aging, antiseptic.
Baobab Oil – Skin softening, Skin restructuring, improves the elasticity of the skin.
Avocado Oil – UV Protector, Increases collagen, moisturizes, soothes.
Olive Oil – Combats dry skin, diminish and prevent wrinkles.
Wheat Germ Oil – Antioxidant, repairs, UV protector.
Orange Peel Oil – Decreases wrinkles, improves circulation, anti-aging.
Ylang Ylang – Antiseptic, hydrating, smoothing.
Zinc Oxide – A natural mineral that offers UVA & UVB protection.

* CBD 20mg / THC 0%