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There’s an old remedy for puffy, tired eyes – and that’s applying a used Tea Bag over our eyes – and it works! Rooibos has the benefit of reducing inflammation and swelling around tired eyes.

Our CBD Rooibos Serum is a blend of highly concentrated actives designed to brighten, and smooth your eye area. Fortified with Vitamin C, known for its healing properties and Hyaluronic acid, known for decreasing wrinkles and puffiness. We’ve also included some natural sun protection and vitamin A to further assist in glowing, smoother skin. This potent serum is formulated to be gentle enough to use around your eyes, and effective for use on your entire face and neck, to reduce the signs of ageing. 

* CBD Oil – Regulates skin oil production, reduces acne, anti-inflammatory, soothes sunburn, speeds up wound healing, assists with aches and pains.
Rooibos Leaf Extract – Anti-aging, reduces appearance of wrinkles, purifies skin, anti bacterial, soothes eczema.
Vitamin C – Boosts collagen production, smoother skin, fights free radicals.

* CBD 20mg / THC 0%

Hyaluronic Acid – Maintains collagen synthesis, retains skin moisture, diminishes skin wrinkles, evens skin tone.
Avocado Oil – Heals, reduces signs of aging, prevents breakouts, moisturizes, nourishes skin.
Argan Oil – Tones skin, reduces fine lines, improves skin elasticity, soothes skin post shave.
Jojoba Oil – Moisturizing, antibacterial, antioxidant, hypo-allergenic, controls sebum production, promotes collagen.
Glycerine – Anti-aging, anti-irritant, improves skin permeability, rejuvenates skin cells, smooths skin, improves elasticity.
Zinc oxide – Protects from UVA & UVB, antibacterial.
Water – Assists in extractions.
Xantham Gum – Gelling agent.
Orange Peel Oil – Decreases wrinkles, improves circulation, anti-aging.
Ylang Ylang – Antiseptic, hydrating, smoothing.
Preservative – Sodium Benzoate.