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Rexi has partnered with a passionate company that provides CBD Oil, made with quality raw materials that offers a wide variety of benefits due to its levels of phytocannabinoids, terpenes and other plant compounds. 

Each batch is tested to ensure our users get a constant product that is safe and effective. We understand that every person using CBD oil is doing so for their own personal reason, and we want them to know that we care about their wellbeing and safety, and that’s why we are so strict about our CBD Oil and its suppliers.

Some of the many benefits of CBD Oil:

  • Relieves pain – analgesic.
  • Kills or slows bacterial growth – anti bacterial, Anti Microbial.
  • Reduces blood sugar levels – anti diabetic.
  • Reduces vomiting and nausea – anti emetic.
  • Reduces seizures and convulsion – anti epileptic.
  • Reduces inflammation – anti inflammatory.
  • Inhibits growth in tumors or cancer cells – anti proliferative.
  • Tranquillising – used to treat psychosis – anti psychotic/ anti-anxiety anxiolytic.
  • Suppresses muscle spasm – antispasmodic.
  • Relieves anxiety – anxiolytic.
  • Promotes bone growth – bone stimulant.
  • Modulate function in the immune system – immunosuppressive and stimulation.
  • Reduces contractions in the small intestines – Intestinal anti-pro kinetic.
  • Protects nervous system degeneration – neuro-protective.
  • Our Hemp Oil is packed with Cannabinoids and Terpenes – all needed to help the body reach homeostasis. 
  • Cannabinoids are a diverse set of chemical compounds that bind to special receptors in the human body that make up what is known as the endocannabinoid system. The “key and lock” metaphor is often used to describe this process. The human body possesses specific binding sites (“locks”) on the surface of many cell types, and our body produces several endocannabinoids (“keys”) that bind to these cannabinoid receptors (CB) to activate or “unlock” them.
  • Terpenes (and terpenoids) are aromatic organic compounds found in many plants and even some insects. Plants developed terpenes to ward off herbivores that might eat them and to attract helpful predators and pollinators. Cannabis (marijuana) has naturally high levels of terpenes. 
  • Terpenes work in synergy with the main compounds in cannabis to make them work more effectively.
  • It has been proven that terpenes can enhance the effect of both THC and CBD by 400%.

Rexi’s Hemp Oil is made with Supercritical CO2: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a supercritical fluid, meaning it converts into a liquid form when pressurised. At the same time, CO2 is a pure chemical substance that occurs naturally and leaves behind no residues. In fact, supercritical CO2 extraction is already a standard extraction method for the food, dry cleaning and herbal supplement industries. It is a common food additive as well. The CO2 extraction process allows compounds to be extracted with low toxicity; it utilises a high pressure vessel containing cannabis. Supercritical CO2 is inserted into the vessel and pumped through a filter where it is separated from the plant matter once the pressure is released. Next, the supercritical CO2 evaporates and is dissolved into the cannabinoids.

Whole-plant cannabis oil can be orally administered or applied directly to the skin. Sublingual delivery is the preferred method of treatment for many cancer patients. Not only is it a convenient way to medicate, but intake through the oral mucosal membranes in your mouth provides for rapid and effective absorption directly into your systemic circulation because of the increased bioavailability of the cannabinoids.

Note: Whole-plant cannabis oil is not the same as “hemp seed oil.” Hemp seed oil is a cold-pressed oil made from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is rich with essential fatty oils and is used mostly for its nutritional benefits. You can easily buy it in health food stores. It often gets mislabeled as “hemp oil,” but it is not. True whole-plant oil derived from the cannabis plant, on the other hand, is made from the buds/flower of the female marijuana plant and is comprised of many different cannabinoids including THC, CBD, CBN, and more — in addition to terpenes and other compounds. Many other businesses now sell their own renditions of Rick Simpson Oil, some of which are high in THC while others contain only non-psychoactive compounds like CBD. Why Hemp Oil? 

CBD is fast becoming one of the most trending raw materials and is being used in everything from creams, lotions, scrubs, and even bath salts! But why is so popular?

What is CBD?

CBD is one of many non-psychoactive cannabinoids (133) found in the cannabis plant and an important part in homeostasis – maintaining balance in how our bodies function and read to external factors, including our skins.

Dr. Cheryl Bugailiskis (MD), a board-certified paediatrician and cannabis specialist with HelloMD, explains, “the skin is the largest organ and our body’s first line of defense against unwanted organisms. 

As such, this protective layer has the highest amount and concentration of what are called cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the body as a part of our endocannabinoid system – a checks-and-balance matrix, which regulates a number of critical bodily functions and responses such as stress, pain, appetite, inflammation, sleep, immunity and even processes like how much or how little oil our skin produces.”

And wouldn’t you know – CBD has the same receptors as our skin, which is why our skin can respond well to the compound. 

And when CBD is used or combined with other oils for therapeutic purposes tied to the skin, it’s believed to work by stimulating or impacting our skin’s cannabinoid receptors “to better regulate pain, inflammation, bacteria, lipid production (which can lead to acne), the release of histamine as well as skin cell proliferation (which causes psoriasis),” Bugailiskis further explains.

Benefits of CBD for Skin:

Numerous studies have shown that CBD works for Acne because CBD is an anti-inflammatory. Because of its calming nature research has indicated that CBD can assist with decreasing breakouts and reducing redness. Research has also shown that CBD has the potential to help regulate excessive sebum production of the skin, as well as reducing other triggers for acne. CBD is also great for calming sensitive skin.

CBD will help calm your skin after over exposure to the sun, similar effect to Aloe.

Post-procedure cream:
CBD Oil is super nurturing and may be used to soothe and heal skin faster after facial or laser treatments.

A study from the European Journal of Pain showed CBD applied directly onto your skin could help lower pain and inflammation to arthritis. Another study demonstrated that CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain, two of the most difficult types of chronic pain to treat.

CBD is an Antioxidant:
Antioxidant – Here’s a popular word that many people hear, but don’t understand. An antioxidant is a naturally occurring Vitamins and Minerals that protect your skin from free radicals. (Gosh, another popular phrase people don’t always understand)

Free Radicals are molecules in the environment that damage your skin by weakening the elasticity of your skin by clinging to your collagen. CBD neutralises these free radicals and protects your skin from damage, thus helping prevent dull looking skin & reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Aches and Pain:
Topical application of CBD on sore or tight muscles could ease away pain and discomfort.

What is the difference between CBD Oil and Hemp Seed
Hemp Seed Oil is made from the Seeds of the hemp plant. CBD Oil is made from the seeds and stalks of the Hemp plant and is rich in Cannabidiol. Hemp Seed oil only contains trace amounts of Cannabidiol, if any.

Jenelle Kim, lead formulator and co-founder of JBK Wellness Labs and creator of Cannabis Beauty Defined explains, is extracted using supercritical [carbon dioxide] and, in addition to levels of cannabinoids, CBD hemp oil also contains the same valuable vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as the original hemp plant.” So with CBD Oil, you get more bang for your buck!