hello. this is our STORY

The company was founded by Bryan Speight, who holds a Diploma with the Medical Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa and is also Registered – and a Member – of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

During his extensive career of over 50 years, Bryan Speight developed a range of products and had many successes in the market.

In the 1960s Bryan opened and ran his own pharmacies, one of which was in Durban’s Victoria Street, focussing on an apothecary style of helping the many patients he successfully treated. His patients were mainly the Indian community. In fact – Bryan Speight was the first Pharmacist in South Africa to appoint Indian Pharmacy Locums. 

In the 1980’s he decided to close his Pharmacy in Victoria Street and focussed on manufacturing a range of cosmetic products for mainly the Indian and African markets. His ranges – Buhle Glow Range and Manja Range took off and became a huge success. Together with his son, Ashley, they launched a male aphrodisiac tablet called “Vus-Nduku” – with means “to awaken the fighting stick”. It too became a national success and celebrated being South Africa’s number 1 Male tablet for the African market.

Bryan has, since the 1960s, formulated hundreds of unique treatments and products for his clients. 

Now, with his son at the wheel and a team of very enthusiastic people, he is looking at pushing his many successes to new levels in the marketplace, staying true to his original vision.