Organic Castor Oil bottle surrounded by castor beans, symbolizing natural beauty and wellness enhancement for skin and hair.


🌿 Introducing Our Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil: Your Pathway to Natural Radiance! 🌟

Discover the purest form of castor oil, carefully extracted through an artisanal cold-pressing process that preserves every nutrient and essence nature has to offer. Our organic cold-pressed castor oil is your go-to elixir for achieving healthy, vibrant skin and luscious hair, all while embracing the goodness of Mother Earth.

cbd Herbal Balm


Leading Pharmaceutical Company, Rexi Pharmaceuticals, specializes in Herbal remedies and treatments to help with the stress and problems of our modern day lives. 
Our products are handmade in a small factory, situated in the picturesque 1000 Hills area.
Our Philosophy is simple: The best products at affordable prices, without compromising Quality.
Rexi Pharmaceuticals  was founded by Bryan Speight, a research Pharmacist with over 60 years experience. His revolutionary and unique products have help generations of families and people. 
He has successfully helped people who suffer with severe skin issues such as Psoriasis, Eczema and Acne. But his products are more than just medical, his affordable skin care range is packed full of all the ingredients you need for a healthy, glowing skin.

 Original Herbal Balm

In loving memory of Bryan Speight

It is with profound sadness and a deep sense of loss that we bid farewell to Bryan Speight, the esteemed founding member of Rexi Pharmaceuticals.

Bryan’s unwavering dedication to his work and his patients was nothing short of exemplary, truly embodying the essence of “loving what you do.” He was not only a devoted family man but also a loyal friend and an incredible mentor to many. The void left by his departure will be deeply felt by the multitude of lives he touched.

We bid farewell to our esteemed Founding Member and beloved father, Bryan Speight, who left us on April 15, 2023. May his spirit forever inspire us to approach our own endeavours with the same unwavering dedication and compassion that he demonstrated throughout his remarkable life.
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